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Dog Policy

Dogs are welcome to stay at Golden Beach Cabins.... on the following conditions:


  • Dogs must be well behaved and child friendly

  • Dogs are not to be left alone at any time

  • Please control your dog barking, particularly if other guests or neighbours.

  • Please provide your own dog bedding, dog bowls, food etc.

  • Please do not allow your dog to sit/jump on any furniture

  • There are NO FENCES, so please ensure your dog is restrained or under your control at all times

  • Faeces are to be collected, bagged and binned at all times

  • Any damage caused by dogs will be charged to their owners

  • Please ensure your dog is fully wormed and has flea & tick treatment
    This is important, as paralysis tick has been known to visit this area.

  • Golden Beach Cabins will not be liable for any damage, injury, illness or accident caused by your dog,  or inflicted upon your dog.

  • $10 cleaning fee if there is dog hair on the furniture, or dog faeces inside or outside the premises.

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